Can't Live with You (Can't Live Without You)

by The Hornets

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Can't Live with You (Can't Live Without You) was the second album recorded by The Hornets and was, like it's predecessor Everybody's Guilty, was named by both The Age and Herald Sun Newspapers as amongst the best 10 releases for 2000. The four star release was described by Terry Reilly of The Age as ..."Down to earth...with a bar room brand of excitment...he also wrote that a song from the album..." Bob Dylan at the Palais Theatre" may well become a local blues classic. Lee Howard of The Herald Sun said..."Horne's sometime growling, oft times gravely singing snares the listener, demanding concentration on the lyrics..."Rhythms Magazine said "The Hornets could easily turn into one of those legendary, organic outfits like New Orlean's Funky catch the band live is a must...


released November 11, 2000

Craig Horne guitar and vocals
Jeff Burstin, electric and acoustic guitar
Wayne Duncan, bass, backing vocals
Gary Young, drums, backing vocals
Bruce Haymes piano and hammond organ
Sam See, electric and slide guitars, piano
Ian Collard, harmonica
Russell Smith, trombone, cornet



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The Hornets Melbourne, Australia

The Hornets have been described by The Age Newspaper as Melbourne's best blues band. Featuring ARIA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Jeff Burstin on guitar, Wayne Duncan on bass, together with ARIA winner Bruce Haymes on keyboards, Chris Tabon on drums and singer/song writer Craig Horne on guitar and vocals, the Hornets, with 6 acclaimed CD's to their name, have been buzzing for over 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: Birth
Heard you catch your breath in the night
A Sign of pain, a sign of delight
A delusive light, lit the room
He was coming you said, one month too soon

A lay beside you heavy with child,
A woman elemental, naked and wild
Your pain is pure, like ice like fire
A pain born in darkness, with faith and desire

Oooo a son is born

You drift between sleep and the next stab in the dark
As the first light catches the trees in the park
You open the way for our son to be born
He comes with a rush, he comes with the dawn

Track Name: Bob Dylan at the Palais Theatre
Standing in a pool of cold light
And staring at the crowded dark
With that hood pulled down over your head
Do you speak for god, like the profit said.

I know you took a mythic journey,
Along the way you changed your name
You left your old clothes at the St James Hotel
Did you sell your soul to the devil as well
You sang your song in those cafes at night
You were like a blind man when Jesus gave him sight

I'm in the dark, at the Palais Theatre, listening to Bobby

I hope your living contented
With your god and with your muse
Well you know know you aint got nothing to prove
If you keep on signing those lonesome blues

Are you lost in your own creation
Do you wonder who you are
Are you that image we see in the terrible light
Or the man you live with alone at night
Track Name: Stolen Moments

At the end of the day

With darkness in the sky

and the fire burning down to a glow

there’s comfortable music playing on the radio.

thought I’d forgotten her

but there she is again’

with her roasting eyes and fire red hair,

I reach out to touch her but she’s not there.


Stolen moments in the night

how could something so wrong feel so right

stolen moments in the night,

how could something so wrong feel so right.

A chance meeting,

led to undone hours

and the slide into dark forbidden places,

we gathered our clothes and left no traces.

Our affair was conducted in shadows

our undone love was spread across the night,

you left me trembling for your touch and bleeding from you’re bite.

Track Name: No Communication
No Communication

We were talking when the line dropped out

can you hear me will it help if I shout?

I can’t understand you through this blizzard of words

the fog of conversation has become absurd.


No Communication x2


Information, can you tell me what to do

can’t get connected like I used to do

when I call her there’s static on the line,

should I re-dial or is it a waste of time.


(Possible middle 8)

It’s four in the morning, but I’m thinking straight,

I’ve got something to tell you and it just won’t wait

Do you want to hear what I have to say?

Even if you don’t I’m gonna say it anyway.
Track Name: Can't Live with You
Can’t Live with You

Finally at the end we will meet again
when all your bitter tears have been wiped away
by the passing of years

I can see you in time your face dissolving into mine

and then at the end we will begin to live our lives again


I can’t live with you

can’t live without you x2


Time present, time past what might have been will be at last

When pain disappears with the passing of years

I can see you in time your face dissolving into mine
and then at the end we will begin to live our lives again.

Repeat first verse
Track Name: Pre-TV
I was born, pre TV
Heard Elvis baby from my momma's knee
I was born pre-tv
Ain’t as young as I used to be,
But I can still see the wood from the trees
Even though I got emphysema and creaky knees
I was born pre TV


You say you’re workin baby

Working late at night,

But you come home all messed up

and you ain’t walkin’ right

I’m gonna tell you one thing baby

That you ortta know

You gotta fly right baby

Or you gotta go.

I was born pre TV
Heard Elvis from my mama’s knee
Ain't as young as I used to be

repeat second verse
Track Name: Changes

Too many people have changed their mind

What they once believed in they have left behind.

Once they spoke with passion and heat

Now they fight for property values on their heritage street.


Changes, too many changes goin’ on,
What was right is now wrong.

Negative gearing is the new black

If you pay 15 per cent then you’re on the right track

Maoists endorse hamburger chains,

too much bad acid musta fried their brains.


I don’t wanna do no deals on a porta phone,

I don’t want no wi/fi in my designer home,

I don’t want no private school, don’t wanna do no china white,

Wanna know what’s wrong and I wanna know what’s right.

Chorus X2
Track Name: Alpha Jerk
Worked in a white-washed office

my blood snaked under the door,

I had nothing, but I wanted more,

I walked and talked with whom I should

and smiled and cried on cue,

I did what was expected and lived as I had too


But each morning in the shaving mirror I watched myself decay

At night I hung my youth in a closet and the moths, ate it away.


Then one morning I put a gun to my head,

wanted to squeeze away my life time

Fall to earth brainless and dead,

But the bullet chamber was empty

and the safety catch was on,

outside a band played a tuneless march

and the dogs yapped on as one.



The first night of my journey found me

resting at an inn

there was cider in the travellers bar

and a singer playing mandolin

outside the weeping seas cried on that distant shore

and the singer sang his lonely song

till I couldn’t take it any more



picked up my suit case

and I paid my meagre bill

crawled into a battered coat and I headed for a hill

but as my feet walked out the door

I heard the singer say

no matter how far you tried to run

you can never run away