Everybody's Guilty

by The Hornets

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Everybody's Guilty was the first album recorded by The Hornets back in 1998. The album was named in the top 10 releases for the year by both The Age Newspaper and Herald Sun and described as an album of great performaces, by Beat Magazine and an album of subtly and taste by Mixdown. Lee Howard of The Herald Sun said...Treading a path through country,folk, Celtic and blues this is music for the contemplative soul with the right amount of bounce. Follwing the release of the album The Age simply said..."The Hornets are the best blues band in Melbourne...


released April 1, 1999

Craig Horne, vocals and guitar
Jeff Burstin, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and percussion
Wayne Duncan, bass and backing vocals
Gary Young, drums and backing vocals
Bruce Haymes, piano and Hammond organ
Gerry Hale mandolin, lap steel and fiddle
Broderick Smith, harmonica



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The Hornets Melbourne, Australia

The Hornets have been described by The Age Newspaper as Melbourne's best blues band. Featuring ARIA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Jeff Burstin on guitar, Wayne Duncan on bass, together with ARIA winner Bruce Haymes on keyboards, Chris Tabon on drums and singer/song writer Craig Horne on guitar and vocals, the Hornets, with 6 acclaimed CD's to their name, have been buzzing for over 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: Love is an Opiate
Love is an Opiate
When evening yawns its way through our greying window
And the shadows of the drawn day assemble on our wall
We discuss our day over dinner, fold clothes or do nothing at all

When we close the dark door against the cold night
And we are spread-out and undone against the sky
No see of troubles can drown the fire raging in our lovers eyes

Love is an Opiate

From our high room we watch the world's slow dissolve
We don't hear the crowds moaning in the hard street
or see them cut down, like a field of harvest wheat

Love is an Opiate
Track Name: Everybody's Guilty

twelve o’clock just the worst of time

we’re on a long journey down a broken line

cold coming way past mid-night

the bitter hour before the morning light.

We seek the company of criminals and try to survive

It’s a death trap, no one gets out alive,

We spent too many nights in four dollar rooms

as life spun down seamless afternoons


everybody’s guilty its a matter of degree

they eat the wounded in this world of thieves x2


deep in the street hard men circle their prey

it’s a victimless crime so the social worker say

it all comes down to amorous and greed

you never get what you want only what you need.



Like insects we are pinned to the wall

there is no escape, no escape at all

if you walk through the flame you’ll always get burned

it’s a deadly lesson that’s never learned

Track Name: Dead Cafe
Dead Cafe

Walking down a road that never ends
Through a city of acquaintances, but not friends
There's a crack of light from a barroom door
I smell the burnt out ends of the night before


Somebody take me, take me home
I've ben too long walking these streets alone
Come on babe I need a place to rest
If I give you my money would you give me your best

Across the street I can see a dead cafe
With a sign on the window, not open no way
There's a cadaver lying in the entrance hall
And somebody wiping blood off the kitchen wall


In an all night bar I watch the people pass by
I see the pocked-marked moon in the burgundy sky
Come the painted morning and the promise of the sun
Hitch up your skirts take the money and run

Track Name: Melbourne

Met her down in Melbourne, sometime ago
She was living fast, I was moving slow.
Met her at a hotel, owned by a woman in red,
She was in need of a doctor but she didn’t have the bread

Before you leave, say goodbye,
Couldn’t go on living a lie
I think about every time I see the sky
So bye-bye baby, baby good bye

We made love in the morning and in the shadow of storms
You walls were peeling and your linen was torn.
We made love until the day you turned the key
You didn’t look back when you say goodbye to me


Now it’s late in the evening and the guests have all gone
I’m thinking ‘bout you baby and I’m thinking that it’s wrong
I should sleep alone when winters in the trees
I should be breaking in your loving arms like waves upon the seas

Chorus x2
Track Name: Baby What's Wrong
Baby What’s Wrong
It’s late at night and hot air hangs like a dead man
It’s late at night and hot air hangs like a dead man
You’re wearing that dress like you don’t give a damn

You’re wearing red lipstick are you going out tonight?
You’re wearing red lipstick are you going out tonight?
You’re heels are high and you’re looking right

Baby, baby what’s wrong with you
Baby, baby what’s wrong with you
Every time I see you baby you’re up to something new

Well you do that shuffle as you walk out the door
Well you do that shuffle as you walk out the door
I got a bad feelin’ my baby don’t love me no more

Chorus x2