Dangerous Dancing

by The Hornets

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In the tradition of the blues, the songs written for "Dangerous Dancing" should be read as allegories for an alternative meaning...the dangers of climate change


released August 8, 2016

Craig Horne, guitar and lead vocal
Jeff Burstin, guitar and production
Bruce Haymes, keyboards, engeneering and production
Wayne Duncan, bass
Chris Tabone, drums
Andrew Ogburn, keyboards
Wayne Burt, guitar, slide guitar
Paul Williamson, sax
Alex Vella-Horne, back-up vocals
Dave Nunn, harp
Dave McCluney, engeneering Atlantis Sound



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The Hornets Melbourne, Australia

The Hornets have been described by The Age Newspaper as Melbourne's best blues band. Featuring ARIA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Jeff Burstin on guitar, Wayne Duncan on bass, together with ARIA winner Bruce Haymes on keyboards, Chris Tabon on drums and singer/song writer Craig Horne on guitar and vocals, the Hornets, with 6 acclaimed CD's to their name, have been buzzing for over 20 years. ... more

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Track Name: Crazy Wind (Horne/Burstin)
Went down to the crossroads fell down on my knees
Preyed to the lord, lord help me please
The crop has failed and the well’s run dry
Crazy wind’s blown my roof sky high
Lord said son ya gotta make your piece
Do it now boy, not down the road apiece

Me and the devil walkin side by side
He got ways to make me satisfied
He say tomorrow you could be dead in the ground
Don’t let the lord dog you around
Come along, I’ll help ya loose ya lead
Down the road, down the road, down the road apiece

Went down to the crossroads fell down on my knees
Preyed to the lord, lord help me please
The crop has failed and the well’s run dry
Crazy wind’s blown my roof sky high
Lord said son ya gotta make your piece
Do it now boy, not down the road apiece
Track Name: Delusional (Horne/Burstin)
I'm feeling low down, the doctor man say
Better quit what you're doing do it right away
You've got some decease and it can't be denied
That many people had it and many people died

I said doctor doctor this cannot be true
I was born for liven to 102
He say, pray to the lord to save your soul
Cause ya gonna be dead died in the hole
No more drinkin', no more weed
No more drinkin, cool,cool water is what you need

So Iasked my friend the devil what should I do
He said science been lyin to you
I got this good stuff let's do us a line
And we'll see where we are in 2 days time

There's little miss sister sitting on my knee
A line of strange women count them 1,2,3
There's a writer with a mask behind a veil of lies
He got gold in his pockets and murder in his eyes
I got an aching heart that's full of decease
This consumption's killin me by degrees
I got yellow skin and eyes like the sun
I'm just a dead man walking into kingdom come...
Track Name: Fire and Flood (Horne/Burstin)
Fire and Flood
Call my baby man and she don’t come

Call my baby man and she don’t come

The house is burning I can’t help her none

Gonna shoot my pistol, shoot my Gatling gun

Gonna shoot my pistol shoot my Gatling gun

The borders sprung open and we’ll get over-run

Hey hey honey can’t get my rest

Hey hey honey can’t get my rest

Got a 32/20 layin on my chest

Hey Hey look at what we’ve done

Hey hey look at what we’ve done

Ride the mystery train all the way to kingdom come…

Call my baby man and she don’t come

Call my baby man and she don’t come

The house is burning I can’t help her none
Track Name: Long Legged Woman (Horne/Burstin)
Long Legged Woman

Well i'm a worried man in formal dress
Planning my next move, I'm in readiness
To do what I have to do, before I'm blown away
I've been mess in' with a woman whose another man's wife
I'm standing in the open I'm in fear of my life
Should I run or should I put up a fight
Well my life has darkened like a window in the night
There's a joker on my left, there's a clown on my right
One's got a knife, one's got a blue metal gun
There's wall behind me there's no where to run

The woman's a bit crazy she's been acting strange
Sh'e been this way since she came home from Spain
Like the day she disappeared out the back of the cathedral door
We'd been meeting at our secret rendezvous
When she made some excuse about something to do
I saw her walking with a man wearing fine Italian shoes

Now I'm standing by the wall like a condemned man
Thinking that life hasn't worked out as planned
Cause I always like those long legged women with a crooked smile
And I like easy money and a well cut suit, I like the lush life, the taste of forbidden fruit
Like the long legged woman of a dangerous man

Well the guy he raised his blue metal gun
As the knife came spinning out of the sun
I fell to my knees - I was resigned to my fate
I heard a shot and a scream of pain
The guy with the knife took a bullet in the brain
And the gun man had a knife sticking out of his unwholesome chest

I couldn't believe my stupid luck
So I rode out west in a pick-up truck
And his for awhile, where the wind blows tall
I did some adjustment of how I lived my life
I got me a wild rose wife
And forgot about that long legged woman with the crooked smile
Track Name: I Know a Place (Horne/Burstin)
I Know a Place

i know a place, that's abandoned and cracked
It didn't rain for years, the family never came back
It once ran cattle, it once grew dreams
But the sun got so hot, now the north wind screams
Through the wire, through the wire
Now the north wind screams through the wire

The trees are dead, there's salt at the root
there's not even one kangaroo to shoot
The river's dead, the tractor's rusted in the yard
There's nothing to farm here, just a land that's scarred
By the hand, by the hand, by the hand of man

The city's the last refuge of the broken hearted
The busted and beaten and the never got started
The sun burns their flesh, the wind twists their mouth
They abandon, the great city of the south
Track Name: Can't Go Back (Horne/Burstin)
Can't Go Back

It's been sometime since I walked this town
I've been standing on the landing with my head hung down
waiting for a chance just to get out son
I've been here three minutes and it's been too long,
Too many ghosts too many memories
Too many places where I used to be
Now the wind's blown down and empty street
There's nowhere to go no one to meet
I ain't gonna go back x3
To my home town

Well my momma's dead and my father too
I haven't seen my brother since 1992
My sister ran off just last spring
I wrote her three times haven't heard a thing
The school's closed and the factory shut down
There's nothing to keep me here in my home town
But Anna's golden hair still shines like the sun
She's got two kids a girl and a son

I left when I was 21
Left just like a bullet when it leaves a gun
I wanted to try my luck
So I got me a ride on an interstate truck
There were letters and an occasional call
But she met another man and ended it all
It's strange when I see her again
I get that old feeling from way back when
Track Name: Ju Ju Man (Horne/Burstin)
Ju Ju Man
The road is dark, dark as night
Iko coming, to take my life
Blues is falling down like hail
Ju Ju Man is on my tail x3

I walk through fire, fly through smoke
My enemy dancing, on the end of a rope
Hot foot powder, around his door
He ain't gonna fly out anymore

Well I got three lanes to truck on home
I feel so lonesome you can hear me moan
The wind is shaking the leaves on the trees
I got my sweet rider to keep me company

Don't pour no poison in my chalice
Feel my needle, feel my malice
A storm is breaking, on such a night
I'll steal away the time is rightx3
Track Name: I Met a Girl (Horne/Burstin)
I Met a Girl
I met a young girl, looking back
Booked us a ride on a one-way track
I'd always been rolling, on my own
I got me a wife and an off the plan home

She was class like Roman gluttony
She could,'t get enough of me
And I was greedy, greedy as a gull
Our behaviour it said could be bestial

I met a girl x3 who was so beautiful

Now the exit is blocked, there ain't no escape
We could've got out but it's all too late
She still throws fireworks down from the stair
The sound and the fury and the devils prayer
Track Name: Denial (Horne/Burstin)

We've been living our lives, our head stuck in the sand
Listening to that voodoo from a magic man
He say…what I'm doing's good for the economy
It's good for you and it's better for me!

But a hot wind is shaken, the leaves from the trees
Mercury's rising to 99 degrees
Hard rain is fallin', fallin' night and day
High water rising, washing every soul away

And burning heat is pouring like light from the sun
The devil's done a deal at the door of kingdom come,
He say, just believe what I tell you and I'll put you right
And I'll give you salvation in the middle of the night

So I'l live my life my head stuck in the sand
listen to that voodoo from the Ju Ju Man
I can't stop now, get that fear off my face
And die in the arms of the devils embrace

But a hot wind is roaring, stripping leaves from the trees
Mercury's rising to 110 degrees
Hard rain is pouring through my streets today
High water washing all us sinners away
Track Name: Working His Way Back to Nothing ( Horne/ Burstin)
Working his Way Back to Nothing

He worked inside the system, for 40 years
Seen a lot of changes, all the blood sweat and tears
He's seen how frustration makes a strong man fall
It can make him weep, throw his fist threw a wall

It's been a life without beginning-a life without end
He can't see the point or even comprehend
He's seen the smart men, let the market run
A few got the honey, but most got none.

He's grateful for a job in this troubled time
He's done all he can, it's the end of the line,
There's no-where to go just a slow decline
He's working his way back to nothing